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Brow Tinting - $30


We offer professional brow shaping and tinting to help achieve your ideal brow shape to compliment your facial structure

Henna Brows - $65

A semi-permanent option, Henna Brows offers you a perfect ombre effect in just under 25 minutes. Longer lasting than the traditional tint, Henna Brows can last up to five weeks. You will enjoy a full brow shaping and design with your Henna Brow treatment. With over five shades to choose from, our henna brow brand is made with the finest Indian henna and pigments that not only tints your brow hair but tints the skin to give your brows a fuller look effect. All our henna products are 100% safe for your brows and skin. They are all natural, vegan and cruelty - free.

Microblading - $400

Microblading, also known as feathering, 3D brows, HD brows, eyebrow embroidery, or microstroking is a cutting edge semi-permanent technique of tattooing that involves using a manual hand tool that are configured in a row to resemble a blade.  This tool create realistic hair-like strokes that imitate hair growth patterns that we have on our eyebrows or that we want on our eyebrow area, while simultaneously depositing pigment in the skin.  The results leave you with defined or natural brows to enhance your unique face shape. These hairlike tattoo strokes will gradually fade over time with touch up appointments needed every 9 months to one year

Powder / Ombre Brows $500

Powder Brows/Ombre Brows is a techique of cosmetic semi permanent tattooing where thousands of tiny little dots of pigment are gently implanted into the skin using a tattoo machine.


Unlike microblading, powderbrows is perfect for all skin types - even those with oily skin, large pores, or visible wrinkles.

Can be done as a coverup/correction of old permanent makeup work.

Results last 1 to 3 years. It is advised to get annual retouches every 12-24 months to maintain the pigment colour.

Minimal Pain - a topical anaesthetic is applied to the brows throughout the procedure to minimize any discomfort. No blood, no swelling. 


Combination Brows (Microblade + Shade) $600


The Best Of Both Worlds!


This technique involves manual microblading hair strokes with machine shading to create hyper-realistic brows that have some depth & boldness to them with the hair strokes plus the shading factor. 

- Perfect for cover ups of previous brow tattoos

Who Benefits from Microblading, Powder/Ombre, or Combination Brows?


- Hair loss or lack of definition 

-Thin brows caused by years of over-tweezing  

- Chemotherapy or Alopecia  

- Scars 

- Lengthening your shorter existing eyebrows 

- Thickening thin brows 

- Correcting asymmetry or patches 

-Active Lifestyles  

- Trouble applying conventional makeup

- Shortening your daily makeup routine

- Lifting the brows to make the eyes appear more vibrant and give a more youthful appearance

Touch Ups:

The touch ups take approximately 1.5 hour and is included in your service. Touch ups are done no earlier than 6 weeks of your initial procedure and no later than 10 weeks. If you do not schedule your touchup within 10 weeks, you will be required to pay a touch up fee outlined in our touch up schedule.


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