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Spray Tanning

Our custom spray tans are great for all skin types, wash out of clothing, and are created with an Anti-Orange formula. Our trained technicians provide flawless airbrush results. Spray tan sessions take approximately 15 minutes.



Norvell products help counter the unwanted orange undertone. They are formulated with cosmetic violet brown based bronzers.


This solution is ideal if you want a fast developing process. You can shower in as little as 1 hour or, for maximum results, 3 hours.


Full Body $69.95

Half Body $55.95

5 Full Body $250.00


This is our classic solution. You can expect deep, bronze colour in 6 hours or wait the full 12 hours for your darkest shade.

Full Body $59.95

Half Body $45.95

5 Full Body $200.00


This solution was specifically designed for bodybuilding competitors to accentuate every muscle. Look your very best on stage.

Full Body $149.95

multiple sessions may be required


You and 4 friends can get a custom spray tan from home. As a Host Bonus, your custom spray tan is free!

1-HOUR $80.00

REGULAR $70.00

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