Eyebrow Shaping Tools

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup applied to eyes as eyeliner for the upper lids, to the eyebrows, and to lips as a liner or a full fill, all following the natural contours of the face.


An eyeliner procedure defines the lash line and enhances your eye shape. The thickness and colour of the liner may vary according to a client’s preference. Pigment is implanted close to the lash line to ensure a natural line.




If you use pencil to define your eyebrows, permanent eyebrows will relieve you of that daily routine. Your eyebrows will last through swimming, aerobic classes, and while you sleep. An eyebrow procedure may take on the appearance of simulated hair strokes or a very light shading of colour underneath existing light or sparse eyebrow hairs.

Lip Liner and Lip Color

A lip liner not only defines the existing lip line, but it will also augment the size of the lid or camouflage many scars, such as a cleft lip. Lip augmentation appears to increase the size and fullness of the natural lip line. Anyone with a loss of natural lip colour because of the aging process will benefit dramatically from this procedure as they will always look like they are wearing lipstick.

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